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Prophetic Mandate 1/7

Air date: July 5, 2015

Last Friday, June 26, the United States Supreme Court struck down state laws that forbid marriage between same-sex couples. Like many in this nation, I was devastated. For two days, I felt a barrage of emotional waves: betrayal, anger, frustration, fear, and even hopelessness. All I could do for prayer is groan. Then on Sunday, I felt the Heavens open and I heard the Lord speak to my heart.

Last Friday, June 26, the United States Supreme Court struck down state laws that forbid marriage between same-sex couples. Like many in this nation, I was devastated. For two days, I felt a barrage of emotional waves: betrayal, anger, frustration, fear, and even hopelessness. All I could do for prayer is groan. Then on Sunday, I felt the Heavens open and I heard the Lord speak to my heart.

You may be expecting me to render a prediction or predictions about the consequences of this ruling, as many voices both in and out of the Church are doing. Well, I am here to declare what I confidently believe to be Heaven's instructions for where we must go from here.

For nearly a year and a half, God has been giving me an outline of what the Church in this nation as well as in all the Western World should look like. There are changes that must be made; and Sunday, the Lord said to me, "I want you to begin declaring these changes. It is time for them to be implemented!"

You see, what this judicial decision shows is SYMPTOMATIC of society: our culture is sick! It is deceived, it is upside down and out of control. In giving itself to foolishness, debauchery, and primarily to irreverence toward the Almighty God, we as a people have become lost.

But what concerns we who consider ourselves to be Christians is this: this ruling is, in a greater part than what we wish to admit, the outcome of a church that has become weak, pitiful, and strangely antagonistic against the very faith and family it claims to uphold—and as God spoke to me, "It is INDEED time for changes to be implemented!"

There are SEVEN mandates (ultimatums, really) that I hear the Lord giving the Church. Tonight I will be delivering the first, and then, for the next six weeks, every Tuesday at 7pm Eastern Standard time, we will be posting the other mandates, one after the other.

Rarely have I felt this kind of urgency to deliver a message, and so I appeal you to tune in (invite others to tune in, tune in as a group as a congregation) and hear what God has put on my heart for us. I realize some may accuse me of showboating and carrying out a kind of marketing scheme, but I will take that chance because I KNOW I have heard from the Lord and I KNOW that what has been delivered to me are keys for the Church to overcome what continue to be the evil threats of our time.


We are no longer living in the wholesome, Christian atmosphere of just a generation or two ago. This may be a painful and uncomfortable fact, yet it is extremely urgent that we face this dilemma and that we face the truth of our situation with heavenly drive, new-found courage, and full understanding of the world around us.

Well-known statistics have shown that large and increasing amounts of people in our Western Culture, including those already in our churches, have not been raised in a Christian home, have not been brought up in church, and are COMPLETELY unfamiliar with the history and the heroes of the Bible, but most importantly with the doctrines and principles of Jesus Christ. What this means is that millions of our family, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens DO NOT know how to behave as Christians nor do they have the slightest foundation of faith in God—and it is utter foolishness to presume that they should! Worse than that, it is failure on our part, failure to save successfully those needing to be saved, failure to realistically carry out the Great Commission in our day.

As missionaries on our own home soil, we must become more visible, more aggressive, more sacrificial, more selfless, more spiritual, and more evangelistically minded THAN WE HAVE EVER BEEN IN OUR LIFETIME. It is time for many to stop dragging their feet and begin using every means possible to declare the Gospel in the most outspoken means. We need to trim some of our expense and pour our finances into technology, print, radio, television, public advertisement and public events. We also need to pray for innovative ways of introducing the Gospel and gaining a fresh harvest of new converts. In all honesty, we need TO RETRAIN OURSELVES IN THE JOB OF MAKING AND ESTABLISHING STRONG AND LIFE-LONG CONVERTS —and we must embrace this vision as one Body, as a whole! Let those who ignore the need, the call of the Spirit for our time understand that your negligence will result in a continually weakened and ineffective state; and God will not bless your stubborn lack of cooperation.

It is impossible and immature to expect preachers to do all the work that lies before us. Every believer must give him and herself to this new missionary labor. In the mandates that follow, I will be giving you practical and, for most of us, renovating frameworks of how to accomplish this task; but again, we have to do this as a Body, and pragmatically this means working together in and with your local church.

Fellow believers, God is saying that we cannot carry on with “business as usual.” Yes, our Christian goals and biblical standards must remain the same, yet each assembly must accept that its approaches, its schedules, and its activities MUST BE retooled! God is calling us as the Body of Christ to declutter and streamline our visions—and for many of us, the new missionary status is going to be a complete interruption from our well-trodden, beloved church routines; but for all of us, rising to this missionary challenge is categorically going to take widespread cooperation.

We need evangelists, that is true (and I will be covering this in another mandate); but the Spirit of the Lord is reiterating and re-emphasizing that we need teachers and mentors like never before. You who are used to merely attending church are being commissioned by God to become father and mother figures (regardless of your youth or agedness) and actively mentor new believers. It is time that we as congregations regard non-participation particularly by seasoned saints as a serious violation of the law of love; because there is, in fact, a great need to train people in all things most basic. Classes on raising children and marriage, classes on godly behavior and outlook, classes on common sense living—all of these and more are themes that are, at this hour, begging to be addressed; and God wants many of you who have these pillars of truth in you to take the baton that God is passing to you and to teach what seems so elementary and obvious. God is calling some of you to organize in your assemblies (and in cooperation with your spiritual oversight) new courses in fundamental bible studies, remembering that you will most likely be introducing the Word of God to those who have never known its importance or its contents.

I need to include a strong and serious admonition here. With all due respect to my fellow ministers and to my brothers and sisters in Christ: We have had enough of criticism and alarmism! It is time to put our woes of what we have culturally lost behind us. It is time to stop analyzing the roots and effects of our fallen society and time to stop forecasting what may happen or even WHAT WILL happen as a result of our widespread sins. Certainly, in the defining character of our laws and our popular culture, WE HAVE crossed a moral, a spiritual line and WE ARE trespassing on the obvious slope of self-destruction. Yet bad news and ominous warnings have now become redundant and, therefore, UNCALLED FOR statements of the obvious. God says, it is a new season, a season in which we must to unite and BUILD ALL OVER AGAIN.

I believe God has shown me a golden age of evangelism in the immediate future, but only those who think, talk, and plan as missionaries—who see themselves as missionaries—will qualify for the coming Heaven-powered move of God.

Until next week, let this mandate soak in and foster new faith and fresh hope for a bright Kingdom future to arise in the Western World for the glory of God.

God bless you, in Jesus' name.

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