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Prophetic Mandate 3/7

Air date: July 21, 2015

Hello, everyone. I'm Michael Holcomb and welcome to the third video of a seven-part prophetic mandate that I have been commissioned to deliver, a mandate that brings a divine strategy for what I am calling a new missionary movement, one that is to be played out right on our own soil – BUT BEFORE I BEGIN, I need to say this:

Over the years, many have, in a variety of ways, been inspired by God to challenge the Church with EVERYTHING I am bringing to you now. And it’s true that past challenges have been met with widespread interest, genuine excitement, and even with fervent support – but where we have failed, AND WHERE WE MUST NOT FAIL IN THESE DAYS WITH THIS MANDATE, is in realizing that what God is calling for requires long-term commitment.

Our enemy here is false expectation, the naïve assumption that everything will change overnight by a few quick steps and with minimum effort. Sure, participating churches will see a certain amount of immediate transformation (in things like activities, goals, and sermons), but this time, we must be prepared with the knowledge that the proper root system for revival, awakening, and a complete cultural makeover – everything we have preached about and prayed for – MEANS HAVING A VISION FOR THE EXTENDED FUTURE!

Harvest time will come, but first we must engage ourselves in the sowing and watering stages.

This component, as well as the next, primarily has to do with what we have been preaching; and yet, all of us need to adjust. What is that component? Simply this: IT IS TIME TO GLORIFY THE WILL OF GOD.

As the Church, let's not lie to ourselves: FAR TOO MUCH attention has been drawn to what WE (yes, AS BELIEVERS) want, to addressing OUR personal pursuits, to OUR sense of confidence, to OUR role and OUR importance, and even to OUR concerns. We may not be aware of it but our inward focus has spawned a church culture that has drawn us into the bewitching shadows of selfishness, where all cease to be useful for God.

A fresh call, A WAKE-UP CALL is coming from Heaven, a call to get back into position and cooperate with the Apostle and Great Planner of our Church, the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! God says, there must be, in pulpit and in pew, a renewed emphasize of surrender, brokenness, and humility as well as a renewed emphasize of the excellence of God’s will over man's.

Sermons, teachings, messages, books, articles, even lyrics to our songs must be reworked into deliberate expressions of promoting and glorifying the will of God, not in theory, but in real-time, real-life ways. Our prayers have got to be upgraded from the childishness of personal desires to the excellence of seeking after God. As I mentioned in the last video, it is time for us to extend our prayer lives and TIME TO EXTEND THEM to the unselfish business of discovering the details of working with Christ as He builds His Church.

In addition, God has shown me that He has been very displeased with our themes of what amounts to FORCING OUR WILL, albeit through prayer or supposed spiritual rights. He has shown me that this approach MUST BE stripped from our practice and our language if we are going to see HIS power, HIS WILL affect any changes in our mission field. God has always wanted the Church to succeed and be characterized by supernatural intervention, BUT IN AND BY THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST JESUS, who said, “I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me.“

Regardless of their sincerity, their zeal, or their spiritual aptitude, no one seeking his or her agenda will share in what God is about to do. God will use the broken, God will use the novice, God will use the weak, but God says that He refuses to use the non-cooperating individual, the individual that insists on putting his or her hand to the Kingdom momentum.

Here is the thing: What Christ has in mind is greater than we can imagine or plan; and it is time to trust His judgment, His will! It is time to preach His will, to listen and search for His will.

God, by His Holy Spirit, desires to show us the current plans and methods of Jesus so that, among other things, we may exercise and share in the spreading of the Gospel with the same astounding, awe-inspiring drive, boldness, power, and generational impact as exhibited by Christ's own earthly ministry.

I mentioned long-term commitment. Well I believe that in this cry of the Spirit, God is recruiting workers who understand the GENERATIONAL aspect of this mandate. We are not simply going to work for the success of our own era or our own churches. It's time to lift up our eyes to the bigger picture and realize that what we change NOW, how we comply with God's will NOW, will affect changes tomorrow. Let us sow in the early part of this century what will become fully fruit-bearing in the last part of this century. Let us refocus on the superior will of God.

Thank you and God bless.

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