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Prophetic Mandate 4/7

Air date: July 28, 2015

Michael Holcomb again and I need to get right to the point with this next part of the Prophetic Mandate: IT IS TIME TO RETURN TO PREACHING JESUS!

Somebody once said, "Without Christ, there is no Christianity," and I believe that we of the Western culture have been preaching and pursuing something in the Church world that is actually bland and subpar from the authentic Gospel.

You might think I am being over-the-top or out of line about this; but you know folks, I feel like we all need to be honest: the blessings of God have not been on our labors or our influence for quite some time, not in comparison to biblical standards, not in comparison to historical revivals.

Now, is God being fickle? Has He simply decided that He’s going to depart for a while and leave us alone? No. We all know better than that.

The truth is (and both the Bible and Church history bear witness), the ONLY message that the Holy Ghost will bear witness to is that which is focused on who Jesus is, what He has said, and what Jesus has done, will do, and IS doing. Jesus is the only message to which the Holy Ghost brings power and manifestation. So if we are failing to see movements of the Spirit in our day and time, guess who needs to change? We do. And I hear the Lord saying, "Return preaching and promoting Me and I will once again move. I will do marvelous things in these days that you have thought to be impossible."

God did not send a system, a theological position, or a fix-it-all formula; nor did He send a series of rituals, traditions, or programs. God does not say to us that we need to have faith in specialized subjects, favorite concept themes, or even lessons on behavioral modification. God has sent His only begotten Son and God says, "Hear ye Him."

Allow me to remind you that salvation is not just WHAT Jesus offers, JESUS IS SALVATION! Jesus is salvation from sin, but Jesus is also salvation from our problems, our confusion, and all of our misguided ways. God is saying in this hour that in order to cooperate, in order to participate with what He will bless, WE MUST RETRAIN OURSELVES from preaching—what amounts to—impersonal, churchy ideals to preaching the very focus that people OUGHT to be attaching their faith to: the living, interactive, all-powerful Messiah of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ!

It is no accident that I reserved this fourth part of the mandate for the very middle. CHRIST MUST BE CENTRAL! This means that we cannot merely REFER to Jesus; we must deliberately and considerably work to make Jesus of Nazareth famous. Put it this way, we need to make Jesus famous, to promote Him as the hero and the great one that He is!

  • Jesus is the Savior of the world.
  • Jesus is the Light of the world.
  • Jesus is the Shepherd to mankind.
  • Jesus is the Healer of body, soul, and spirit.
  • Jesus is the great Hope and Jesus is the life advantage we all need.
  • Jesus is the One who is bringing true and lasting world peace.

Yes, folks, we need to get back to preaching Jesus.

Charles Finney, one of America's most successful evangelists, once stated that revival is not a miracle. He said it is simply saints getting back to doing what they always should have been doing. I challenge you in this part of the Mandate, in the name of Jesus, to return to the simplicity and power of not merely WHAT we represent, but WHO we represent. And I can guarantee by the authority of Scripture that as we keep our emphasis on promoting the Lord Jesus Christ, a supernatural dynamic will begin to build among us. The Lord Himself will be working alongside, and WE WILL SEE THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN!

Until next time, God bless.

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