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Prophetic Mandate 5/7

Air date: August 4, 2015

Welcome, everyone, to part 5 of the Prophetic Mandate, a divine and dramatic call to the church to return to something we have nearly forgotten: the practice and preaching of the original Gospel. I'm Michael Holcomb.

I'd like to remind you that this Mandate series started out in response to the June 26 decision by the United States Supreme Court that tyrannically struck down state laws that forbid marriage between same-sex couples. People are still reeling and grieving; but as I said in that very first video, this ruling came about because of the sickly, spiritual state of our nation.

In order for this status to change, we must see widespread conversion to Christ; and not the shallow kind we have settled for in the recent past. Converts must be fully convinced of faith in Christ Jesus, possessing a life-long devotion that THEY will be happily and freely instill in their children; but such quality of conviction only comes when men and women have had a real encounter with God.

Let that word "encounter" stick in your mind, because God says "That is what it is going to take to build the new Christian nations." The many unchurched peoples of today have gone beyond a culture that pays attention to words and arguments and (to a large degree) that even respects common sense and discretion. In addition, families as well as individuals no longer feel the need to attend church simply because it is the “Sunday” thing to do. Why? Well I believe that among other reasons, we live in communities where people are looking for, AND WHERE PEOPLE NEED, encounters with God.

People NEED confirmation that the God of the Christian Church – first of all, exists and, second, that He is near to and moving among mankind. But more than that, God wants to meet that need! God wants to manifest Himself to the modern era in ways that can only be explained as divine power.

Yes, church family, the world needs and God is calling for us to flow in the gifts and power of the Holy Ghost. AND THIS IS 5TH ASPECT OF THE MANDATE GOD HAS SHOWN ME.

The techniques and routines that yielded comfortable, church-growing results in the past are failing; and where we have relied on public events, ministry personalities, and a variety of entertainment attractions to grow the church, God is persisting that we return to the more excellent strategies of Jesus Christ Himself, who ministered with an abundance of miracles and supernatural gifts.

We talk about the lack of respect our societies have for Church and all things godly; yet without a supernatural, Heavenly element (which we claim to represent!), we are, TO THE WORLD, a superstitious, pretentious who JUST want to control people’s lives. Well God wants to show the unsaved that Christ IS among us, not in theory but in reality!

I think that for most of us, we have to get over our culture’s aversion to the supernatural. God moves in logical ways, that is true; but frequently, God does things that DEFY logic, natural laws, and normalcy; and in closer examination, He does these things particularly for the purpose of intervening in the cases where only a miracle will do. But when people have such encounters, that is when God gets credit, attention, and glory!

Miracles and spiritual gifts produce a holy momentum, a dynamic appeal, unlike anything we can generate, and this in turn produces a kind of faith in Christ Jesus that tends to be transgenerational as well as multigenerational – and this is what we need to shoot for.

Let me say in closing that the demonstration of divine force is, you might say, one of the ways God shows His love; and we have a generation that needs to not just HEAR about the love of God through Christ but that needs to SEE that love!

We need to match up to the standard Jesus set. We need to update and upgrade our evangelism goals to include the moving of the Holy Ghost, which, I believe, will affect a healthy awakening of millions to the King of Salvation, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Until next time, God bless.

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