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Prophetic Mandate 7/7

Air Date: August 18, 2015

Welcome to the 7th and final video of the Prophetic Mandate, a call that is going out from the heart of God to the church of the Western World, which, as we all know, is in dire need of change; but not just any old change, change of the effective type, change inspired by the Holy Ghost, change that takes us from what amounts to our mistaken detours back to the highway that leads to the blessed will of God.

As I said last week, this crucial part of the Mandate addresses one of the most neglected assignments or practices of the Church, and it is an undeniable reason we are in a shameful state of shrinkage and retreat. As I have been saying about all the other parts of the Mandate, we have to adjust this, and we can adjust this, because this endeavor is, without a doubt, the will of God for all time.

So what am I talking about? What is God fusing in with His other instructions? Just this: IT IS TIME TO RAISE UP EVANGELISTS!

This takes us back to how the Mandate begins: seeing ourselves in a missionary role, as those who need to instill the foundation of Christ in a society that is, by and large, completely ignorant of true Christianity. So here again, God is reminding us that the Great Commission -- the good message of the crucified, resurrected, coming-again Christ -- is our theme, our party line, our whole agenda; and we have to free up our time in order to work at spreading and generating it.

Now I need to make a distinction between evangelism and evangelists. Yes, God is saying that we as churches must get busy sharing the Gospel; and I brought this out in the first part of the Mandate. But what I hear the Lord saying at this point that we have to go a step further. We, corporately and as in our local churches, have to get expert at spotting, encouraging, training, and commissioning individuals who are called of God to witness to the unsaved and see them converted.

Yes, there have been a barrage of those who call themselves evangelists but who have proved to be nothing more than Scripture-quoting circus acts, false prophets whose lust for money, fame, and lawless behavior have burnt churches and spoiled the reputation of the Kingdom in the minds of many – that’s true. And yet, the Holy Ghost says, “There are those who I am raising up, those who are sincere in character and in the Word, and they shall bring many into my storehouse, many into the Church of Jesus Christ. Do not be afraid of the false evangelist, do not be intimidated OR hindered by him, but rather embrace the true and work with the true and bless the true.”

Evangelists are needed!

Jesus never told us to pray for sinners to come in the Church. He said, “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he [THE LORD] will send forth labourers into his harvest.” Apostle Paul said it this way, “How shall they [THE UNCONVERTED] believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?”

Evangelists are needed!

We would like to think that unbelievers by the thousands will just run to the Church in search of truth and salvation; but the greatest evangelist of all time, Jesus, observed and taught that people love their deeds of darkness. It is time to face the reality that the Kingdom does not grow by unseen forces that mysteriously put repentance and faith in the hearts of sinners. God uses people, preachers, to wake up the world and call them to be born again.

God is saying, “Evangelists are needed.”

Like the other things we have brought out in this Mandate, it is time to line up with the Scriptures, the original standard. We’ve got to pray (just as fervently as we would when praying for things of self-interest) that God is going to recruit an army of men and women who are not just skilled but who are gifted in leading people to Christ.

There is so much to say concerning this part of the Mandate, but this is simply not the time for a breakdown of details or strategy. Perhaps God will allow me in the future to reiterate in a series of some sort. We’ll see. But in the meantime, let me intensely urge you, on the behalf of the Lord Jesus Christ, to take initial and big steps toward winning souls and, therefore, making room for evangelists.

It is time to support financially evangelists as staff members. It is time to get involved with evangelists and help them initiate, yes, their evangelistic efforts, the thing they are called to do. It is time to invite legitimate evangelists to your churches and budget in special services that are going to not only give individuals the time and place to convert to Christ but that will also let your cities, towns, and villages know that your congregation – as well as God Himself -- is deeply concerned for their salvation, that you care for their souls.

I realize that this video as well as the rest of the Mandate series has been more or less a bullet-point presentation; but I hope that you have opened your heart to the voice of the Holy Ghost and that that which has been said is enough to plant in you the seeds of a passionate and profound movement that, I strongly sense, Christ has only begun to build. And I know that if we will be faithful and fervent to the renovations God is prodding us to make, real and major differences, the things we have been preaching and praying about (both in the church and in the world), are going to be made.

Thank you for watching. God bless.

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